The Jamaican Cuisine has a rich history and is a combination of various cultures and ethnic groups. It has influences from the Spanish, British, Africans, Indians and Chinese. One of its most popular dishes, “Jerk Chicken” came from runaway slaves in the Jamaican mountains called Maroons. They would season their meat with spices and cook over wood to preserve the meat. The curried goat another favorite came from the Indians. Ackee and salt fish is the national dish, the ackee came from West Africa and the salted fish was the protein often allocated to the slaves to supplement their diet. Almost every dish is Jamaican has an interesting story and background.

Signature items that will be on the menu includes, jerk chicken, curry goat, rice and peas, fried ripe plantains. Other popular dishes such as curry chicken, festival, escoveitch fish, ackee and salt fish, ox tails, juici patties, and manish water soup.